Malena Munford, Designer

River Landings


River Landings Animal Clinic

River Landings Animal Clinic is a small business run in Bradenton, Florida since 1998. Tasked with bringing the practice into the 21st century, their brand identity and web presence received a complete overhaul.

Brand Identity / Web Presence / Social Media Managing / Print Ephemera

Brand Identity

With a small 15-employee staff, clients and pets receive nothing short of being treated like family during their time at the clinic. Unlike a large practice that may come off as more cold and sterile, clients build long-lasting relationships with the staff and know their pet is in good hands. This is predominately communicated through the choice of imagery used and choosing a softer blue that falls more on the gray side than the usual over-saturated azure blue of other medical services.


Web Presence + Social Media Managing

With competition rising in the area, an updated web presence was necessary to reach the top of the search engine list for vet services in the area. A fresh and responsive website design brings it out of 1998 and into the 21st century. In addition to providing general information such as location, hours, and services, it also provides a steady stream of photos of happy pets and staff.

Original Design, 1998

Updated Design, 2015

Visit the live version at

To drive traffic to the site, a blog is kept up to date with news from the doctor or short feature stories written by receptionist and part-time writer on the staff. This way clients are able to put a face to a name with the web presence and it keeps the work in-house for a small business. Posts are also shared to the clinic's Facebook page for further reach.

In addition to the blog, I advised in social media managing and constructed a plan for both the Facebook page and Instagram account to drive more people to their business. Photos posted to both accounts showcase happy client's pets or behind-the-scenes looks of the doctors at work. The focus is always on celebrating the animal—be it their birthday or they are boarding at the clinic (referenced as "Camp RLAC") and are playing dress up or paw-painting pictures for their human-parents. It reinforces the idea that the animal's time at the clinic is not something to be frightened of and that the employees go out of their way to make sure the experience is nothing short of welcoming.


Printed Marketing Materials

 Tri-Fold Brochure, Interior Spread

Tri-Fold Brochure, Interior Spread