Malena Munford, Designer

Modern Macbeth

In the play Macbeth, three witches tell him of a prophecy that he is the one and future king of Scotland. Thereafter, Macbeth proceeds to ruthlessly take out the king (Duncan) after persuasion of Lady Macbeth, and is crowned King. Throughout the play Macbeth's paranoia of losing his spot on the throne guide his actions in killing off a number of other important character's linked to the previous king, Duncan. 

The concept behind this poster was to appeal to a contemporary audience. By way of this, dated imagery from the play was avoided (such as a crown, sword, chalice, throne, and so on). Also, being the bloodbath Macbeth is known to be, red and blood was also avoided. The fingerprints were done with canson paper and black india ink, scanned in.

Modern Macbeth


May 2011


Poster Design


This poster was part of a course under the direction of instructor Chris St. Cyr at Ringling College of Art + Design.