All That Jazz




Campaign, Branding


This project was part of a senior course at Ringling College of Art and Design. 

When you think of Jazz, is your first thought— old bluesy Jazz that's soulful and melodic? What I wanted to bring about in this campaign was to show that there’s a side to Jazz that's forgotten. Stemmed from my own love of Jazz music, it’s my go-to music to raise my spirits and put me in a better mood (How can you not smile listening to Louis Armstrong?). Focusing on the atmosphere Jazz music brings, I brought in vivid colors that break the common bluesy-dark tones often used to express Jazz. As Shakira once said, it's "wherever, whenever!"— From cloudy and darkly lit rooms … to out in the streets. Jazz is about improvisation, one musician to the other playing off each other’s riffs.

I was responsible for all aspects of this campaign.